“Otsukare” – “Sapporo!”

They reached Sapporo by night and they were too tired to visit anything… so they decided to rest and just go out nearby to eat.

“Hello” – “Tanuki?”

On the way, Fujipon saluted a stray cat.චᆽච.
Anyway they ended up eating at “Tanukikoji Shopping Street”, a famous place with a lot of shops and restaurants!

Already morning?” – “*brush*

 “It’s cold” – “Clouds…” – “Let’s go”

The next morning, Fujipon prepared as usual, brushing his (nonexistent?) hair and watching the weather forecast. They planned to go to Furano and Biei that day, so they really hoped it would be sunny…Fujipon was very excited !


“Not yet?”

It was approximately a 3 hours drive from Sapporo to Furano, so they stopped to some combini and Mary took the chance to smoke…because as you might know, in Japan, it’s forbidden in almost every cities to smoke on the streets. Fortunately, you can find smoking areas or smoking spots in combinis and around touristic places.

“Cherries” – “Shitsureshimasu”

It was still morning when they reached Furano… And they were really looking forward to see the flower fields…


Fun fact : Mary and Yotsu stopped a lot of times during their road trip to go to the toilets everytime Yotsu wanted to. HOWEVER. When it was Mary’s turn, there were not toilets to be found anymore. Until they stopped at this small place where people were selling cherries. There were public toilets (more like small cabins). It was the only Mary’s bad experience with toilets. 👍


Here is some footage of the road !