Finally, they reached the Lake Toya for lunch time ! This area is famous for its lake (obviously) but also for the volcanos around…Anyway, the weather wasn’t that great…but it didn’t stop Fujipon for having a good time! (╹◡╹)


After walking around the Lake and eating ramen nearby, Mary and Yotsu decided to…do some hiking with inappropriate shoes . Truthfully, they just wanted to see the west crater of the mount Usu because they didn’t have much time…however the road wasn’t what they expected…it was harder than what they imagined…

Visitor “
“Let’s do our best!”

“That’s so vast!”

Fujipon was excited, but for him too it was exhausting.. (or not ( ̄∀ ̄))

“Wait! “” I’m tired -“

“Hmmhmm”- “Sigh”

Along the way, there were explanations about the place in english and japanese. The site has known many eruptions, the last one being in 2000.

After 20 minutes of walking, they reached the crater. The path was a bit scary and muddy to get up there, but it was a such a beautiful view that it was worth it ( ´∀`). They quickly took a picture and decided to go back, using a  short cut… that they didn’t find. ( ;∀;) . They lost a lot of time wondering which way they should take…
20分くらい歩いたあと,噴火口に着きました.道はちょっと怖くてぬかるんでいましたが,こんなに綺麗だったので来た意味がありました( ´∀`).早く写真を撮って,ショートカットを使って帰ろうとしましたが見つかりませんでした...どの道を通って帰るべきか迷っていたせいで,かなり時間を無駄にしてしまいました ( ;∀;).

‘Give me some!”
Mary had to calm her nerves by taking gum…which was immediately stolen by Fujipon!

Anyway on their way back, they could see the ruins of old apartments.
After Mary said that it would be the perfect setting to shoot a horror movie, Fujipon got scared…










The path was filled with beautiful flowers and leftovers of volcanic bombs. It was a peculiar image.

“Potato?” –  “It was fun!”

After this tiring afternoon, they hurried to their next destination… a famous mushroom restaurant!