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Asahikawa 旭川


On their way to Asahikawa, they came across a festival (Matsuri 祭り) and stopped for a bit because it was Mary and Fujipon’s first time. Young and old people were dancing while others were enjoying some food and drinking some beer ♪( ´▽`)


At the Hotel (`・ω・´)

*Sleepy* – “Go!” – “Peppa”

Afer spending the night at a hotel in Asahikawa, they woke up early to visit the city. Fujipon didn’t sleep enough but he still managed to get out of bed!

Their first destination…

The Ainu Museum!(`・ω・´)

“Ainu?” – “Are you angry?”“Let’s run away!”

It’s a small museum where you can learn more about the Ainu civilization.

Ninguru Terrace & Biei ニングルテラス & 美瑛



They still had time to go to some locations before Biei so they found out about Ninguru Terrace quite at the last moment. It’s actually located in Furano.

Ninguru Terrace is a market only filled with handmade objects, where their creators can expose their work. Located in a forest, it is a beautiful place that offers a unique experience.

Furano 富良野


It was beautiful…However there was no lavender. Furano and Biei are famous for their huge fields of lavender, the best period to see them being July… they hoped that there would still be some left…Now they know that end of August was too late. They felt disappointed but still enjoyed the flowers and the nature there.



“Tomita Farm”

One of the most popular spot is the Tomita farm.
As you might guess by the name, it’s a place where people cultivate lavender and other flowers. They use them to produce lots of products like oil, perfume, soap (which you can purchase as a souvenir!) etc…and it is opened to the public! However, Yotsu and Mary went there during the japanese national Holidays so it was full of tourists…a piece of advice : NEVER GO THERE DURING THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY. T_T





“It looks good!” – “?”

One of the speciality of the place is the lavender soft cream! Truly the best soft cream Mary had ever eaten. In Japan, they often sell soft creams in touristic places, no matter what the season is. And this one was the best. It was truly delicious. They also tried the lavender soda which was also very good!

“I’m full!”

After visiting a bit, they enjoyed the scenery at a restaurant which offered a beautiful view of the fields !

“There’s nothing” – “I’m gonna leave you behind!” – *stare*

Fujipon looked disappointed at each empty field he came across however he took the time to stare at the only flowers that bloomed !

Sapporo 札幌市

“Otsukare” – “Sapporo!”

They reached Sapporo by night and they were too tired to visit anything… so they decided to rest and just go out nearby to eat.

“Hello” – “Tanuki?”

On the way, Fujipon saluted a stray cat.චᆽච.
Anyway they ended up eating at “Tanukikoji Shopping Street”, a famous place with a lot of shops and restaurants!

Already morning?” – “*brush*

 “It’s cold” – “Clouds…” – “Let’s go”

The next morning, Fujipon prepared as usual, brushing his (nonexistent?) hair and watching the weather forecast. They planned to go to Furano and Biei that day, so they really hoped it would be sunny…Fujipon was very excited !


“Not yet?”

It was approximately a 3 hours drive from Sapporo to Furano, so they stopped to some combini and Mary took the chance to smoke…because as you might know, in Japan, it’s forbidden in almost every cities to smoke on the streets. Fortunately, you can find smoking areas or smoking spots in combinis and around touristic places.

“Cherries” – “Shitsureshimasu”

It was still morning when they reached Furano… And they were really looking forward to see the flower fields…


Fun fact : Mary and Yotsu stopped a lot of times during their road trip to go to the toilets everytime Yotsu wanted to. HOWEVER. When it was Mary’s turn, there were not toilets to be found anymore. Until they stopped at this small place where people were selling cherries. There were public toilets (more like small cabins). It was the only Mary’s bad experience with toilets. 👍


Here is some footage of the road !

Mushroom Kingdom きのこ王国


Yotsu and Mary love mushrooms, so they agreed to come by this popular restaurant “Mushroom Kingdom” (きのこ王国) that sells dishes cooked only with mushrooms.

However it was closing at 6 o’clock so they had to hurry. And surprisingly, there was a lot of people by that time, japanese and foreigners!

They ordered miso soup, fried rice, tempura, croquette and mushroom soup. IT WAS FREAKING GOOD (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

Mary wanted to order more… but it was still early and they planned to eat dinner at Sapporo later…so they bought a souvenir there and pursued their trip…

It was raining hard and it was becoming dark…( ;∀;)


Yotsu bought “Nametake”, which is Enoki mushrooms with soy sauce and mirin sauce. He didn’t like it, but Mary enjoyed it when she prepared a rice porridge 😉 !


Lake Toya 洞爺湖

Finally, they reached the Lake Toya for lunch time ! This area is famous for its lake (obviously) but also for the volcanos around…Anyway, the weather wasn’t that great…but it didn’t stop Fujipon for having a good time! (╹◡╹)


After walking around the Lake and eating ramen nearby, Mary and Yotsu decided to…do some hiking with inappropriate shoes . Truthfully, they just wanted to see the west crater of the mount Usu because they didn’t have much time…however the road wasn’t what they expected…it was harder than what they imagined…

Visitor “
“Let’s do our best!”

“That’s so vast!”

Fujipon was excited, but for him too it was exhausting.. (or not ( ̄∀ ̄))

“Wait! “” I’m tired -“

“Hmmhmm”- “Sigh”

Along the way, there were explanations about the place in english and japanese. The site has known many eruptions, the last one being in 2000.

After 20 minutes of walking, they reached the crater. The path was a bit scary and muddy to get up there, but it was a such a beautiful view that it was worth it ( ´∀`). They quickly took a picture and decided to go back, using a  short cut… that they didn’t find. ( ;∀;) . They lost a lot of time wondering which way they should take…
20分くらい歩いたあと,噴火口に着きました.道はちょっと怖くてぬかるんでいましたが,こんなに綺麗だったので来た意味がありました( ´∀`).早く写真を撮って,ショートカットを使って帰ろうとしましたが見つかりませんでした...どの道を通って帰るべきか迷っていたせいで,かなり時間を無駄にしてしまいました ( ;∀;).

‘Give me some!”
Mary had to calm her nerves by taking gum…which was immediately stolen by Fujipon!

Anyway on their way back, they could see the ruins of old apartments.
After Mary said that it would be the perfect setting to shoot a horror movie, Fujipon got scared…










The path was filled with beautiful flowers and leftovers of volcanic bombs. It was a peculiar image.

“Potato?” –  “It was fun!”

After this tiring afternoon, they hurried to their next destination… a famous mushroom restaurant!


On the road


“Rental car” “Watch out!” -“Bu bu”

Their next step was to go to the Toya Lake. Yotsu and Mary planned to use a rental car.
Again, it was the first road trip for Fujipon ! After trying the driver seat (which is on the right side ;)), he quietly put his safety belt. Safety first right?

“Yeay!” – “Sigh-” – “The sea!”

The road to the Toya lake was around 4 hours long, so they stopped on the way to watch the sea…from afar. This time, Fujipon stayed on Mary’s lap…for a better view? ( ´ ▽ ` )


What is amazing with Japan, is that you can find toilets everywhere, and they’re (almost everytime) clean. But be careful, because in Hokkaido, you might not find as many public toilets since you drive deep in the mountains …!

At the Hotel 函館ホテル

“So big!”- “No, it’s okay”

During their whole trip to Hokkaido, the hotel in Hakodate was the only one they found that provided a japanese style room. It was the first time for Mary so she especially enjoyed the futon… as well as Fujipon. There was also a note written by the staff, wishing us a good stay.

Hakodate Ropeway 函館ロープウェイ

“Excited” – “Oh!” – “Heh?” – “Hum…” – “I can’t see!”

The night view from Mt. Hakodate is very popular, it is said to be even more beautiful than the view from the Tokyo tower… So of course, Fujipon was very excited. However, as they arrived at the ropeway, the staff told them that they wouldn’t be able to see anything because of the fog… and it was indeed the case.
函館山からの夜景はとても有名で,東京タワーからの景色よりも綺麗だと言われています.なのでもちろん,ふじぽんはとても興奮していました.しかし,ロープウェイ乗り場に着くと,お店の人から霧のせいでほとんど景色が見えないと言われました...そして,実際に景色は何も見えませんでした(/ _ ; ).

“It’s been a while!”

So, to ease their pain, they did some shopping again. And Fujipon met Pinguin-san!


It was already night time when they got out of the ropeway, and it was raining. So Yotsu, Mary and Fujipon quickly headed to a restaurant to eat dinner. And finally, they went to their hotel to get a good rest.

“We’re going to sleep here!”

(the picture is completely useless … ( ̄∀ ̄)ー)

Goryokaku Park 五稜郭跡


                       “Yeay!”                                                                                                                  “Yaho-!”


Their next destination was the Goryokaku Park. The fort was constructed by the the Bakufu from 1857 to  1866 based on a work of a french architect Vauban. The star shape is meant for better defence (especially against canon attacks) and is actually often used in foreign countries as well. After walking around outside and enjoying the scenery, they decided to visit the former Magistrate Office, which stood in the center of the Fort. This office is a reconstitution of the original one, which had been demolished after the fall of the Shogunate.


Fujipon visited every room, wondering what their fonctions were.









“?” – ” What?” – “Poh”

He found a hand washing place, but didn’t understand what it was.( ; ; )And he loved daydreaming at the “Engawa”,which is Japanese traditional house style.( ˙-˙ )
ふじぽんは手洗い場を見つけましたが,それがなんなのかを全く理解していませんでした( ; ; ).またふじぽんは,日本の伝統的な家の形である縁側でぼーっとするのが気に入ったようでした( ˙-˙ ).


It was the first time for Fujipon to see a real gun. He wanted to see the shot((((;゚Д゚)))))))


At the exit, on the pond, Fujipon met a bird, so as usual, he said hi ! ( ´∀`)
帰る時に池の近くで,ふじぽんは鳥と会いました.なのでいつものように「こんちわー!」と言いました.( ´∀`)