“Excited” – “Oh!” – “Heh?” – “Hum…” – “I can’t see!”

The night view from Mt. Hakodate is very popular, it is said to be even more beautiful than the view from the Tokyo tower… So of course, Fujipon was very excited. However, as they arrived at the ropeway, the staff told them that they wouldn’t be able to see anything because of the fog… and it was indeed the case.
函館山からの夜景はとても有名で,東京タワーからの景色よりも綺麗だと言われています.なのでもちろん,ふじぽんはとても興奮していました.しかし,ロープウェイ乗り場に着くと,お店の人から霧のせいでほとんど景色が見えないと言われました...そして,実際に景色は何も見えませんでした(/ _ ; ).

“It’s been a while!”

So, to ease their pain, they did some shopping again. And Fujipon met Pinguin-san!


It was already night time when they got out of the ropeway, and it was raining. So Yotsu, Mary and Fujipon quickly headed to a restaurant to eat dinner. And finally, they went to their hotel to get a good rest.

“We’re going to sleep here!”

(the picture is completely useless … ( ̄∀ ̄)ー)