“So high!” – “Woah!”

The first step of their journey was the Goryokaku Tower ! They could see the beautiful view of the city, and particularly of the Goryokaku Park, where stood the ancient fort built at the end of Edo period. It was first built to prevent a possible invasion from the Russian fleet, but was used as a defence against the imperialists. This is also the place where Hijikata Toshizo died, during the Meiji period in 1858 at the battle of Hakodate.

Thank you”
There was a corner to welcome visitors where they could take a picture to make a memory. Fujipon was happy to be welcomed by cute characters so he took a picture with them!

 “So cool!”“I’m scared…”

Fujipon enjoyed their historical visit, as well as the tourists attractions!

“Big bro!“Let’s go!” – “Friends!”

Near the gift shop,Fujipon met the Goryokaku character named “Gota-kun”. Because his face was the same than Fujipon, he thought that Gota-kun was his big-bro, so he jumped into his arm( ^∀^)
As he made some friends along the way, he ended his visit of the tower by shopping in the lobby.
お土産屋さんの近くで,ふじぽんはごーたくんという,五稜郭タワーのキャラクターと会いました.彼の顔はふじぽんと全く同じだったので,ふじぽんはごーたくんのことをおにいちゃんだと思って飛びつきました( ^∀^)