“Yeay!”                                                                                                                  “Yaho-!”


Their next destination was the Goryokaku Park. The fort was constructed by the the Bakufu from 1857 to  1866 based on a work of a french architect Vauban. The star shape is meant for better defence (especially against canon attacks) and is actually often used in foreign countries as well. After walking around outside and enjoying the scenery, they decided to visit the former Magistrate Office, which stood in the center of the Fort. This office is a reconstitution of the original one, which had been demolished after the fall of the Shogunate.


Fujipon visited every room, wondering what their fonctions were.









“?” – ” What?” – “Poh”

He found a hand washing place, but didn’t understand what it was.( ; ; )And he loved daydreaming at the “Engawa”,which is Japanese traditional house style.( ˙-˙ )
ふじぽんは手洗い場を見つけましたが,それがなんなのかを全く理解していませんでした( ; ; ).またふじぽんは,日本の伝統的な家の形である縁側でぼーっとするのが気に入ったようでした( ˙-˙ ).


It was the first time for Fujipon to see a real gun. He wanted to see the shot((((;゚Д゚)))))))


At the exit, on the pond, Fujipon met a bird, so as usual, he said hi ! ( ´∀`)
帰る時に池の近くで,ふじぽんは鳥と会いました.なのでいつものように「こんちわー!」と言いました.( ´∀`)