It was beautiful…However there was no lavender. Furano and Biei are famous for their huge fields of lavender, the best period to see them being July… they hoped that there would still be some left…Now they know that end of August was too late. They felt disappointed but still enjoyed the flowers and the nature there.



“Tomita Farm”

One of the most popular spot is the Tomita farm.
As you might guess by the name, it’s a place where people cultivate lavender and other flowers. They use them to produce lots of products like oil, perfume, soap (which you can purchase as a souvenir!) etc…and it is opened to the public! However, Yotsu and Mary went there during the japanese national Holidays so it was full of tourists…a piece of advice : NEVER GO THERE DURING THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY. T_T





“It looks good!” – “?”

One of the speciality of the place is the lavender soft cream! Truly the best soft cream Mary had ever eaten. In Japan, they often sell soft creams in touristic places, no matter what the season is. And this one was the best. It was truly delicious. They also tried the lavender soda which was also very good!

“I’m full!”

After visiting a bit, they enjoyed the scenery at a restaurant which offered a beautiful view of the fields !

“There’s nothing” – “I’m gonna leave you behind!” – *stare*

Fujipon looked disappointed at each empty field he came across however he took the time to stare at the only flowers that bloomed !