Ninguru Terrace & Biei ニングルテラス & 美瑛



They still had time to go to some locations before Biei so they found out about Ninguru Terrace quite at the last moment. It’s actually located in Furano.

Ninguru Terrace is a market only filled with handmade objects, where their creators can expose their work. Located in a forest, it is a beautiful place that offers a unique experience. The atmosphere was very peculiar, and quite similar to a Ghibli Movie…It was an enchanting location. (It’s not everyday you get to do some shopping in a forest right?…) They went there during the afternoon but it’s opened also during the evening…For a more magical/Christmas-y experience!
Yotsu and Mary discovered a lot of great creators and took the chance to buy unique souvenirs….(`・ω・´)

They also went to a shop in front of the Terrace, that selled Kita no Kuni Kara goods…(๑╹ω╹๑ )

Keep in mind that it’s forbidden to take pictures inside the shops. Also I’m not even sure it’s okay to take picture and post about what you buy, that’s why I didn’t post any picture here even though I really want to TvT.


 ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁


Their next destination was the Blue Pond.(青い池) It was starting to rain and they were in a hurry since there were a lot of traffic jam at that time. It is said not to be very touristic, but it is. Mary and Yotsu were surprised to see so many japanese and chinese tourists…The path that leads to the Blue Pond is quite narrow, so it was quite hard to take a picture without being a hindrance to other people.
Anyway, Mary didn’t expect the pond to be so huge…it was quite a pleasant surprise. Too bad that it was raining and that it was crowded. They couldn’t fully enjoy the peacefulness that nature can offer. ( ; ; )

“So strange!”

This pond was made to protect Biei during the eruption of Mount Tokachi in 1988. This colour is not natural and would be the result of the presence of colloidal aluminium hydroxide in the water. They thought it was natural …(ㆀ˘・з・˘)

☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁

After their stop at the Blue Pond… they got lost on the road…Yotsu was very tired of driving all day so they just stopped a few minutes at Zerubunoka Atomunooka to take pictures of flowers and fields and just moved on to reach Asahikawa.

“Flowers again?”

This place was vast. But again…it was august and the flowers fields were not bloomed as they couldn’t have been on May or June. Although it was a good place because there were only few people (`・ω・´)

 ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂ ☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂☁☂

Their next destination…Asahikawa !