Month: April 2018

Asahikawa 旭川


On their way to Asahikawa, they came across a festival (Matsuri 祭り) and stopped for a bit because it was Mary and Fujipon’s first time. Young and old people were dancing while others were enjoying some food and drinking some beer ♪( ´▽`)


At the Hotel (`・ω・´)

*Sleepy* – “Go!” – “Peppa”

Afer spending the night at a hotel in Asahikawa, they woke up early to visit the city. Fujipon didn’t sleep enough but he still managed to get out of bed!

Their first destination…

The Ainu Museum!(`・ω・´)

“Ainu?” – “Are you angry?”“Let’s run away!”

It’s a small museum where you can learn more about the Ainu civilization.

Ninguru Terrace & Biei ニングルテラス & 美瑛



They still had time to go to some locations before Biei so they found out about Ninguru Terrace quite at the last moment. It’s actually located in Furano.

Ninguru Terrace is a market only filled with handmade objects, where their creators can expose their work. Located in a forest, it is a beautiful place that offers a unique experience.