Mushroom Kingdom きのこ王国


Yotsu and Mary love mushrooms, so they agreed to come by this popular restaurant “Mushroom Kingdom” (きのこ王国) that sells dishes cooked only with mushrooms.

However it was closing at 6 o’clock so they had to hurry. And surprisingly, there was a lot of people by that time, japanese and foreigners!

They ordered miso soup, fried rice, tempura, croquette and mushroom soup. IT WAS FREAKING GOOD (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

Mary wanted to order more… but it was still early and they planned to eat dinner at Sapporo later…so they bought a souvenir there and pursued their trip…

It was raining hard and it was becoming dark…( ;∀;)


Yotsu bought “Nametake”, which is Enoki mushrooms with soy sauce and mirin sauce. He didn’t like it, but Mary enjoyed it when she prepared a rice porridge 😉 !