On the road


“Rental car” “Watch out!” -“Bu bu”

Their next step was to go to the Toya Lake. Yotsu and Mary planned to use a rental car.
Again, it was the first road trip for Fujipon ! After trying the driver seat (which is on the right side ;)), he quietly put his safety belt. Safety first right?

“Yeay!” – “Sigh-” – “The sea!”

The road to the Toya lake was around 4 hours long, so they stopped on the way to watch the sea…from afar. This time, Fujipon stayed on Mary’s lap…for a better view? ( ´ ▽ ` )


What is amazing with Japan, is that you can find toilets everywhere, and they’re (almost everytime) clean. But be careful, because in Hokkaido, you might not find as many public toilets since you drive deep in the mountains …!