At the Hotel 函館ホテル

“So big!”- “No, it’s okay”

During their whole trip to Hokkaido, the hotel in Hakodate was the only one they found that provided a japanese style room. It was the first time for Mary so she especially enjoyed the futon… as well as Fujipon. There was also a note written by the staff, wishing us a good stay.


Mary, exhausted, laid down on the Futon, so Fujipon immediately tried to cheer her up. He’s very sensitive about other people!

“Mary-chan is inside” – “Stare”- “It doesn’t open!”

However, Fujipon is a real pervert. Believe it or not, he tried to enter the bathroom while Mary was taking a bath ! Luckily for her, the door didn’t open. ( ´ ▽ ` )

“The city” – “He’s relaxing”

So instead, he watched the city and relaxed on the chair.

And after a while, they finally got to sleep!

“Kiss”“Good night”


“Good morning!” – “Perfect” – “It’s well done!”

The next day, Fujipon woke up feeling fresh ! He’s very concerned about his appearance, and never forgets to check himself in front of the mirror before going out.
While Mary and Yotsu were getting ready, he cleaned the room as a good boy, hoping to be praised.

“Yukata” – “Fuuu.” – “Look !!”

After checking out, Fujipon saluted the mascot of the hotel. That’s how he makes friends!

“Thank you very much”“My friend!”



“Welcome back – I’m home!”
Here is another proof he loves to talk to anybody… or anything.( ´ ▽ ` )