Arriving at Hakodate 函館に到着


” Hokkaido” – “Hakodate Line”

The Shinkansen crossed the Seikan Tunnel and finally arrived at Hokkaido ! At first, there were only mountains and forests, so Fujipon kept on staring the scenery.
The Shinkansen stopped at the Shin Hakodate Hokuto station. From there, they had to take the Hakodate Line to arrive at the Hakodate Station.





At the Hakodate Station platform , there was a signboard to welcome people who arrived from their trip. Fujipon wanted to be polite, and since he loves greetings, as soon as he saw the sign, he immediately greeted back!













“We arrived” – “Yeay”

As they came out of the station, Fujipon started to play with whatever they came across.

He also noticed that the tramway station seemed quite old, it gave off an antique feeling.

“It’s old!”





Since it was lunch time, Mary and Yotsu stopped to eat Soba at a local shop.
Near the restaurant, they noticed a statue of Hijikata Toshizo… and of course, Fujipon wanted to take a picture !