Eating and Playing 食べて、遊ぶ

“It looks good”“I win!”

However it was a 5 hours ride… so they had to pass time. Yotsu and Mary ate some snacks…while being stared by Fujipon who wanted to eat too…Then they played games. Fujipon kept on winning at Poker. He’s often proud of himself when he achieves something…but don’t you think his game is suspicious~?( ̄▽ ̄)

新幹線は5時間も乗らないといけませんでした…なので,彼らは時間を潰す方法を考えました.よつとまりは,ふじぽんに見つめられながらお菓子を食べました.そしてみんなでカードゲームをしました.ふじぽんはポーカーでずっと勝ち続けました.ふじぽんは何か成功した時に,いつも自慢するよ…でもふじぽんの手は怪しいと思わない~?( ̄▽ ̄)


Fujipon likes cute stuff…(so he might be a bit of a narcissist as well haha!)